Tripper Buoyancy Aid

This is a kayaking jacket, not a lifejacket or personal flotation device and does not conform nor is it intended to conform to international standard IS012402.

The jacket is designed specifically for kayaking and paddle sport. It contains three adjustable waist straps which serve to mould the jacket to the wearer's body, preventing the jacket from floating upwards which in turn allows maximum efficiency of the buoyancy medium. As this jacket was designed for down-river racing, the waist straps have built in elastics for purpose of comfort and as a weak point which is intended to break in the event of the jacket snagging a stationary object in the river or on the river bank. The jacket features a single pocket in the front and is manufactured from light, quick drying fabric. It carries a reflective strip over the shoulders, and is completely drained with mesh inserts in all areas which would trap fluid when exiting the water.


Beads: The buoyancy medium is virgin styrene beads, which provide a very comfortable fit as they mould themselves to the contours of the body. This is particularly suitable for female paddlers. They are also lighter and cooler than other flotation mediums.

Foam: The buoyancy medium is closed cell foam.

Hydration: These jackets come equipped with a two litre Tripper drinking system and filler funnel.

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R 895.00