A unique kids surfski!

Designed by Gordie Rowe in the nineties around the shape of a malibu board, the flat super-stable ski is the ideal way to get young children to enjoy the thrill of paddling on the ocean.

It has a fully adjustable bucket and will easily cater for youngsters up to 12 years of age. In fact there are some adults who have been known to use it to play in the surf as well!



Please Note: This item is a manufactured product and may take 2-4 weeks to despatch depending on current demand. All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and fittings. This information may change without notice. All information is a guide only, we recommend you contact your local dealer for a demo.

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R 8,000.00

Deck Design:
Deck Colour 1
Deck Colour 2
Seam Colour:
Hull Colour: