Velox Xterminator

This is the ultimate river racing K2! It is surprisingly comfortable and very quick, with excellent river handling abilities. Available in Medium & Large.


The Velox Xterminator was designed for the elite paddler with the expert input of multiple world champion Hank McGregor, using the precision of computer-aided-design technology. 

This boat has won multiple Dusi and Non-Stop Dusi Canoe Marathons, including the 2014 Dusi when it was raced by Andy Birkett and Sbonelo Khwela.


The choice of champions!




River Variants

Flatwater Variants

Buoyancy ✔️ Optional Extra
Cockpit Handle Optional Extra Optional Extra
Dragline Kit Optional Extra  
Footrest - Standard ✔️  
Footrest - Carbon  Optional Extra ✔️
Footstrap Optional Extra ✔️
GPS Mount Optional Extra ✔️
Handles - Carry ✔️ Optional Extra
Handles - Running Optional Extra  
Number Holder Optional Extra ✔️
Pump Optional Extra ✔️
Seat See Specs See Specs

Please Note: This item is a manufactured product and may take 2-4 weeks to despatch depending on current demand. All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and fittings. This information may change without notice. All information is a guide only, we recommend you contact your local dealer for a demo.

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R 10,100.00

Deck Design:
Deck Colour 1 Deck
Deck Colour 2
Seam Colour:
Hull Colour:
Front Footrest Length (cm):
Back Footrest Length (cm):
Front Paddler Height (cm):
Back Paddler Height (cm):
Front Seat:
Back Seat:

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