Magni - God of strength and brute force. The result of Hank's work with Ken was the Pro Series Range which we decided to name after the mighty gods of the Vikings. Hank is as close as we can find to a modern day Viking. This is a parallel blade with an exaggerated lay back, making it more forgiving on paddling technique. Includes Standard Bag.

  Marathon Sprint Surfski River
100% Viking Suitable Not Suitable Suitable Suitable
Men Suitable Suitable Suitable Suitable
Women Not Suitable Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable
Junior Not Suitable Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable
Children Not Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable Not Suitable
Length 511 mm
Width 150 mm
Weight 228 g (per blade)
Surface Area 511 cm² (CAD calculated)

Please Note: This item is custom made and may take 1-2 weeks to despatch depending on current demand. All weights are estimates and may vary. This information may change without notice. All information is a guide only, we recommend you contact your local dealer for a demo.

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R 4,150.00


Paddle Length (cm):

(Min length for splits. Max length will be 10cm longer.)

Feather (Non-Split Only):