An intermediate single surfski intended to provide a combination of competitive performance and stability to the average paddler.

It has good rocker that makes it very manoeuvrable and handles the surf and performs well in downwind conditions, thanks to good volume displacement behind the bucket. The shape was the result of fresh thinking and complete computer aided design.


Great fun to paddle, the sort of ski you quickly develop a relationship with!

Paddler Weight



Please Note: This item is a manufactured product and may take 2-4 weeks to despatch depending on current demand. All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and fittings. This information may change without notice. All information is a guide only, we recommend you contact your local dealer for a demo.

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R 14,900.00

Deck Design:
Deck Colour 1
Deck Colour 2
Seam Colour:
Hull Colour:
Bucket Size: