With good stability and decent speed, this boat fills the gap between the Velox Avenger and Velox Sniper for those that wont the security that the Sit-On-Top provides.

Designed for the intermediate paddler. Based on the Velox Fuse hull, but with the additional volume the Sit-On-Top version provides makes it more suitable for a paddler below 110kg. The traditional Velox hull volume displacement along the length of the boat minimises porpoising and ensures that the Buzzard cruises comfortably.

Lots of foot room with the same adjustable footrest and Cowling system found in our Surf-Skis.




River Variants

Buoyancy ✔️
Cockpit Handle Optional Extra
Dragline Kit Optional Extra
Footrest - Carbon ✔️
Footstrap Optional Extra
GPS Mount Optional Extra
Handles - Carry  ✔️
Number Holder Optional Extra
Pump Optional Extra

Please Note: This item is a manufactured product and may take 2-4 weeks to despatch depending on current demand. All weights are estimates and may vary depending on colours and fittings. This information may change without notice. All information is a guide only, we recommend you contact your local dealer for a demo.

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R 11,000.00

Deck Design:
Deck Colour 1 Deck
Deck Colour 2
Seam Colour:
Hull Colour: