Velox Spectra

Designed specifically as a flat-water boat, an evolution of the Velox Raid. Paddled to victory at the 2016 World Marathon Championships by Hank McGregor.

It has good directional stability and an excellent sprint or maximum speed. It additionally has a high cruising speed, requiring little effort to keep it on a plane, crucial for a marathon boat. It can take a paddler of up to 90kg on flat water.

The hull breaks the water smoothly by maintaining the shape of the Raid’s nose while progressively splitting the water onto two flat surfaces through the front half of the boat. These surfaces become most defined from underneath the paddler to within half a metre of the tail, where they then become one single flat surface, allowing the water to leave the hull as cleanly as possible. This prevents the tail from sinking into the water, alleviating drag and the porpoise effect.




Flatwater Variants

Buoyancy Optional Extra
Cockpit Handle Optional Extra
Footrest - Carbon ✔️
Footstrap ✔️
GPS Mount ✔️
Handles - Carry Optional Extra
Number Holder ✔️
Pump ✔️
Seat See Specs


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